Chiang Mai

This is Chiang Mai, "The Rose of the North". One of Thailand's most culturally vibrant cities where there's always something going on, and something to be photographed. Join us for three days of swashbuckling photography workshops around the Loi Krathong festival. See below for a link to the full itinerary.

  • When: 11/21/2014
  • Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Price: $450
  • Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai

Features & Info

Chiang Mai

Visual Story Telling

How do you craft that image that is worth a thousand words? What goes into that? Over the course of the workshop, Flash and Dylan will be helping you to develop your story telling eye.

Chiang Mai

Natural Light

Understanding how the camera sees, and learning to see great light will take your photographs to a whole new level. We'll be working from sun-up to sun-down in the best and worst light Chiang Mai has to offer. You'll be challenged, but learn to overcome the difficulties and make great images in any kind of light.

Chiang Mai

Take Part

Not only will you get to photograph some of Thialand's most amazing locations and people, you'll also have the chance to take part in one of it's most holy festivals, Loi Krathong.

I wasnt expecting much out of the workshop, I thought we would just go to sites and take pictures and that was it. I really under estimated the whole thing. Flash and Dylan were great instructors and tought me about being more confident with my camera and actually approaching a scene with a vision in mind rather than taking the picture and seeing what comes out of it.
~ Alex Gonzales - 2012 Participant

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