About Us

Flash Parker is a writer, photographer, and photojournalist. Originally from Ontario, Canada, he spends most of his time on the road, though he escapes to the Wyoming wilderness as often as he can. Flash’s work has been published by USA Today, Lonely Planet, AFAR, Get Lost, GQ Magazine, Asian Geographic, Escape, Voyeur, Reader’s Digest, American Cowboy, Departures, and more. Additionally, he was nominated for a PATA Gold Award in destination journalism, though he lost in record fashion.

In a former life Flash was a screenwriter (credits include Wireless and I Hate Dating) and author (Night Has Fallen was released in 2008); he has a dozen boxes of unsold novels in the garage that he’s willing to sell on the cheap.


Dylan Goldby is a linguist turned photographer. Originally from the-middle-of-nowhere in country Australia, a desire to see a little more of the world gave rise to an insatiable appetite for travel and thus photography. He now bases himself out of Seoul, South Korea, but can be found wandering the streets, bristling with cameras, all throughout Asia.

His passion for people, food, and new places led him into the editorial world in South Korea where he has been published locally in 10 Magazine, Groove, Seoul Magazine, S+ and a swatch of local newspapers. His work has found its way internationally into Travelife, 48 Hours, and South East Asia Backpacker magazine.